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 Dog Spaw(Grooming) 

Here at Paw-radise, we believe that every dog is unique and that each has their own special needs. Our goal is to provide a safe, relaxing atmosphere to all our guests, including owners. From puppy to senior, we make sure that our dog guest's journey is memorable and stress free. Puppy's first cut can be very stressful and our goal is for them to view grooming as a positive experience.  Our senior friends are special as well. This is why we are dedicated to listening to their needs without rushing them up.

We are only using the best all natural shampoo  and conditioner that you can find on the market. Ask us about our different line that we offer or simply let us judge what is the best for your dog's coat.

We now offer a unlimited bath membership! call us for more details or check our website

 Senior?Heart Condition? Puppy? 

Is your pet scared of the dryer ,Senior or Heart Condition? We have the solution here at Paw-radise

Pet Care Spaw Room is now available in our Salon at no extra charge

Benefits are:

-Ultra quiet compare to stand  or a cage dryer

-Blowing gentle air around the pet, no loud dryer noise, no strong blasting air

-Pet Care Room is equipped with at least one ionizer that removes pet dander, dust, bacteria and other allergens from the air.

-Spa-like treatment including aroma therapy, ionizing,and oxygen therapy.

1st Puppy Treatment Package:

Your puppy first grooming experience is VITAL.

Why and what we do differently?

We introduce the puppy to nails clipping & grinding, gentle ears cleaning, teeth brushing,shaving pads, bath, gentle blow dry, sanitary & face trim.

At what age should they start? 

As early as possible!! The earlier, the better 

BIG NO NO!! My puppy is getting matted, no big deal, just shave him/her!!!!! 

This is a traumatic first or second way to start your furry baby. Do not let this happen!


Each breed is different and our professional dog groomer can recommend a style according the AKC breed or be creative. Owner suggestions are also welcome. 

A full grooming service includes:

  • Nails (gently cut and grind)
  • Pads, (shave the excess hair between toes)
  • Ear (gently clean the ears with natural cleaner & pluck if needed it)
  • Private (shave around private area)
  • Two shampoo  following up of  a conditioner.
  • Hand dry 
  • Haircut according to the breed or owner standard.
  • Frangance ,bandana/bows.
  • Anal glands (by owner request)

Add on service

-De-shedding treatment 

-Fleas treatment ( we recommend to visit your vet first)

-Creative grooming to include; moak, temporary design(tattoo) temporary earing(glue on), &+++

-Teeth brushing

-Hand stripping

-Deluxe Spa Package (hot towel)

 Deluxe Spa Package For Dog Only 

Deep Conditioner Oatmeal Treatment

A relaxing Spa True Zen Experience with a 10 min massage applying an oatmeal shampoo following by an ultra rich deep conditioner  treatment for dry, itchy,damaged or long coat.(wrap in a warm towel for 15 min)  

$20.00 addition to any grooming/bath prices.



The technique of hand-stripping a terrier coat keeps the coat coarse and the color vibrant.

Does it hurt? No. It does not hurt the dog. Some might not like it, but it is not painful when done properly. Wire hair is not attached like our own hair or breeds with other types of coats. Many dogs even enjoy it. For pet dogs I do clip or scissor the tender spots so it isn’t uncomfortable for them. 

What is Hand Stripping? 
Hand stripping involves pulling out the dead outer coat of wired-haired or “rough-coated” breeds by hand, rather than cutting the hair with clippers. This allows a new “harsh” wire coat to grow in. 

Double coated breed refer to the animals that, like Huskies, Samoyed, Pomeranian,,,have two layers of fur. The first, or undercoat, are the fine, fluffy hairs that are short and crimp (closest to the skin). It's the fur that sheds; light and soft. This layer is excellent at trapping air and insulating the dog. Essentially it keeps them warm in the winter, and cool in the summer.

The topcoat is made up of tougher guard hairs that don’t shed, and protect your pet from the sun’s harmful rays and bug bites. It actually insulates them from the heat. What this means is: do not shave your double coated dog. Ask us about a deshedding treatment instead!

A key piece of understanding in this matter is that, unlike humans; dogs do not cool themselves through their skin. At most, it is only the pads of their paws that sweat. Their main mode of cooling comes from panting.

Another is, "it'll always grow back". Sometimes it will, other times it won't. The older the pooch is, the less likely it is that the topcoat of guard hairs will grow back. This leaves them with the undercoat, giving them a patchy, scruffy look. It can alter their coat for the rest of the dog's life. Not only does it look bad, but you can end up having to shave the hair continuously from then on and once again, you strip them of their natural ability to protect themselves.

In conclusion, when you shave a double coated dog, you may irreparably impair their ability to properly heat/cool themselves and protect their skin. The best way to keep this kind of dog cool and comfortable is to regularly bathe, fluff dried and brush them. 

The only reason a person might need to shave their double coated dog is if the hair is so matted, it's the only option.


Drop coat refer to a long, straight and flowing coat. Dog breeds such as Maltese, Shih tzu, Yorkshire Terrier,Lhasa, Biewer Terrier, &+

Curly Coat

In order to be able to groom your beloved friend, a proof of their vaccination is required for safety. We understand that some pet can't receive it due to illness or age. Vet letter is needed in that case and we will be able to offer grooming service only and will not let the animal in contact with others.  We appreciate your understanding.

Doggy daycare is also available if need it for only $5.00 per hour or $25.00 full day