Dog Park

Want to come visit? Read our rules and requirements:

Size limitations: 

Now Open 7 days a week for dogs 25-30 lbs and under! Come enjoy a safe space for your little companions. Closed on Fridays from 2pm-8pm for Large Dog Day!

Is your dog larger than 30 lbs, but under 45 lbs? Schedule a time with us for a Gentle Play Evaluation!

Feeling left out? Large dogs have their own day from 2pm - 8pm every Friday!

Requirements to enter:

• Send shot records in advance to:

• Your dog must be well socialized and do well with all dogs

 Written, printed, or digital proof of current vaccinations: Rabies, Bordetella, & DHPP.

• Negative Fecal Sample (no worms!) valid for 365 days (1 year)

• Flea Prevention (verbal confirmation is sufficient)

• Dogs older than 1 year must be spayed/neutered for our playground. You may send in vaccination records ahead of time and pre-register.

• Dogs must be on a leash at all times outside and inside our store. Once you have checked in and passed thru our triple gate you may set them free!


• You must keep an eye on your dog at all times, all dogs are owner-supervised. Your dog is your responsibility. Keeping an eye on your dog will help keep them playing safe.

• You must clean up after your dog. Let's be real, pee and poop happen. We just ask that you clean  up after them so that everyone can play in a clean, stink-free environment. Poop bags and a water hose are provided to keep the park clean.

• Any fighting, biting, bleeding, or excessive barking, even when playing means it's time to go. Dogs won't stop themselves so we need your help to keep them safe.

• Our facility is monitored by multiple cameras to insure responsibility. If your dog injures another dog in the dog park you may be held reponsible to cover the initial vet visit.

• We are an indoor facility to maintain a comfortable environment, however because of the enclosed nature any excessive barking, even when playing, can escalate other dogs and quickly change the mood of the park. We understand that some dogs play in this manner, but for an indoor space, it can create stress for other dogs.  Even if your dog barks when playing or chasing, you must be able to quiet them and demonstrate full control.  As soon as one dog starts barking, many others follow...and the mood changes VERY quickly! In our confined space, this type of "barky" play is not allowed.

• No outside toys or treats permitted in the play area

• We offer a selection of beers, wines, and non-alcoholic drinks. Our cafe also offers a wide range of food and snacks available all day. Bringing food into the parkis at your own risk, watch out for the hamburglers!

Paw-radise Dog Park Rules:

No barky play, excessive barking can escalate other dogs and create a negative mood in the park. In our confined space this type of "barky" play is not allowed.

• Watch your dog - your dog is your responsibility

• Immediately clean up after your dog - always throw poop away and rinse the soiled area. Encourage outside bathroom use.

• Staff is not responsible to supervise your pet, however, staff will intervene as needed to maintain a safe and clean environment.

• Humans be cool - this is a public plac

• Play must be balanced - lots of give and take, both dogs are having fun

• Excessive barking means its time to go, even play barking. Barking riles up pack behaviors and can quickly change the mood of the space. We want an enjoyable space for humans too.

• No fighting, biting, collar grabbing, or dominance.

• No Mounting- however, we do offer baby showers.

• No outside toys.

If your dog is exhibiting any signs of inappropriate behavior:

1) Call your dog away from play.

2) Allow them to calm down near you before releasing them.

3) If your dog goes back to inappropriate behavior, take a leashed timeout outside of the dog park until your dog has completely calmed down

4) After re-entry, if your dog goes back to inappropriate behavior, it's time to go home.

Paw-radise Dog Park has a one-strike policy for bites. Any behavior deemed aggressive is grounds for dismissal.

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