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Paw-radise Estero is a Mother and Son operated Grooming Salon & Boutique. Our focus is to make your pets "our pets" for the few hours they are with us. We go above and beyond to cater to your pets individual needs & demands.

Ranging from Grooming Services, Daycare options, Natural & Holistic Pet Food, and a Full Blown Home-Style Dog Bakery, it truly is a One-Stop-Shop to pamper and spoil your pet!

Explore what we have to offer, and we look foward to seeing you soon.

Meet Our Team

Karine Belisle:

Co-Owner of Paw-radise Estero Bakery Department Director, CFO
Studied at Hodges University in Business Management Merrifield certified Dog Groomer (Fort Lauderdale, FL) CFMG – Certified Feline Master Groomer (First in the state of Florida) Originally from Montreal Canada and moved to Florida with her Husband and Son. A few years later with the help of her family Karine was able to accomplish her dream job of opening up a Pet spaw and Boutique in August 2009. Karine started as the only employee (with some occasional help from family in the baking department). Her most memorable memory is when her mother, Claudette, helped her create the first batch of cookies and all of the excess cooking had left a fresh bakery smell within a half mile of the building, something the either of them can never forget. Karine’s first hire was Kenya the Bullmastiff, she was the number one cookie tester and was her personal body guard at the store. She quickly had to hire more staff to keep up with Kenya’s demand of cookies! Its always been a passion for Karine to pamper her pet clients with a high level quality of pet grooming to rival the dogs you see on TV. Karine’s presence in the store has diminished slightly as she is handing day to day operations to her son Benjamin to continue her passion and continue to serve the great people of Estero and surrounding towns. Today she takes care of her local pet farm (or zoo as we like to call it) where she has an assortment of pets, the list goes as such: 2 Alpacas, 2 emus, 2 donkeys, 10 goats, and an unknown amount of ducks and chickens. Our bakery uses the farm fresh eggs when available! Also included in her family is a Standard Poodle (Adele), a Biewer Terrier (Cuba), and a West Highland Terrier/Terror (Yuki)

Benjamin Major

Co-Owner of Paw-radise Estero Salon Manager, Day-to-day Retail Director
Nash Academy of Animal Arts (Lexington Kentucky) Sepia Animal Expert School (Kichijoji, Japan) Baby House Grooming School (Chungdu, China) * More training to come in summer 2020 NDGAA Certified Pet groomer in Sporting Group and Poodle Group (working on NDGAA Master Groomer certification as of 2020) Benjamin Graduated Nash Academy in 2014 and has slowly taken over from his moms strict protocol in the grooming salon to maintain safety and quality for all pets. Benjamin continues to do extensive training around the globe to learn different styles from different countries to always be on top of current trending styles. Benjamin started to compete in 2018 to further enhance his skill and network with other highly talented groomers around the United States. Benjamin has 2 dogs of his own, Riyria a giant schnauzer that he hand strips, and Lancelot a Standard Poodle that he hand scissors. Both dogs are used for competition grooming and to enhance his education with. Benjamin took over 75 hours of private lessons for West Highland Terriers and over 150 hours of standard poodle lessons. Favourite Breeds to groom: Poodles and Doodles that involve hand scissoring, and mix breeds that want some flare to their hair (Asian influence)

Carolyn Pazanski

Dog Stylist
Carolyn is from Indianapolis Indiana where she started her pet grooming career in 1995. She moved down to Florida in March 2010 and started to work at Paw-radise in 2014. She has moved down to part time to help take care of her two children at home. Carolyn has 2 furry friends at home, a Boston Terrier Penelope and a Johnson American Bulldog named Bubbles Favorite dogs to groom: Toy/Miniature Poodles, and most Terrier Breeds, and you can count on her to not trim eyelashes (unless requested!)

Jennifer Nall

Dog Stylist
Jennifer started her pet grooming career in 2009 in Colorado. In 2014 Jennifer moved to Florida and became PetSmart Regional Academy trainer teaching over a hundred groomers that wanted to peruse their passion in pet grooming In 2018 Jennifer transitioned into the private salon and joined the Paw-radise team. Jennifer has a wide variation of dogs, she lives with Irish wolfhounds, a standard poodle, has two golden retrievers, and a miniature schnauzer that she hopes to compete with in the upcoming years. Her favorite breeds: Golden Retrievers, Shih Tzus, and you can count on her to not “Poodle your Doodle”

Yovana Martin

Dog Stylist
Academy of Animal Arts (Tampa, FL) Yovana is one of our newest additions to the team joining us at the end of 2019. She began her career in pet grooming in 2018 in Tampa and relocated back to her hometown in Naples Florida to kickstart her career in ernest. Yovana currently owns three fur babies, a Cane Corso, a Kitty, and a rabbit. Favourite Breeds: Favouritism to the larger one, you know the ones that take up 90% of the bed.

Megan Barrett

Dog Stylist
Megan began her grooming career as a bather in 2007 and became a groomer in 2008. She learned from her mentor in Ohio in 2008 and it launched her new career. She has been in the pet business since she was in her early 20s working at boarding and daycare facilities. In 2018 she moved to the Sunshine state and found us and joined our Team. In 2019 Megan made a hard decision and moved back to her home town to be with family during a hard time but didn’t want to give up the Florida dream so now she is our “Seasonal” Groomer and comes down for the winter months to escape the cold and be with her southern Paw-radise Family. Favorite Breed: Airedale Terrier, not something you see often but just loves the style of haircut

Mainelys Canyon

Pet Bather/Grooming Assistant Senior Bather at Paw-radise
Mainelys came from Cuba to the United States at the end of 2010 and started bathing shortly after arriving to the States. She joined us a few months later in 2011 and has been on our bathing team since. Mainelys specializes in full coated pets and cats. Favorite Breed: Standard Poodle because of their regal standing (probably because she has a special bond bathing the owners pets Adele and Lancelot)

Kari Hutchison

Pet Bather
Kari has been a pet bather since 2016 and joined the Paw-radise bathing team since 2019. Favorite Breed: Shih Tzus because she just loves their smushy little faces

Bryna Cheatham

Pet Bather
Bryna has been working with pets since 2006 starting at a Dog Hotel and over the years has been in different pet related careers. In 2015 Bryna worked at a Havanese Kennel and in 2017 Joined the Paw-radise Bathing team. Favourite Breed: Bryna cant help but choose her own personal dog a Lab Mix as her favorite breed, otherwise she likes all other breeds equally

Annie Kobus

Holistic Pet Food Guide
Annie has been working in the pet food industry since 1991 after she moved down from New York to the Sunshine State and has seen many major changes in the past 30 years. In 2017 she joined the Paw-radise Team helping local pets in Estero find the right nutritional diet and supplement that’s right for your pet. Annie is constantly doing research in her spare time to see what’s new on the market that can benefit each and individual pets. Annie has a fur baby at home named Elder Berry, a small yorkie (Annie has always named her pets after types of berries) Favorite Breed: New York Yorkies

Cayla Helfrich

Front Receptionist/Bakery
Cayla has been with the Paw-radise team since 2018 and has been one of the many faces that will greet you when walking into our establishment. She helps produce a big portion of our freshly baked cookies that are famous around Estero

Jessica Hall

Front Receptionist/Dog Bather/Bakery
Jessica has been with the Paw-radise team since 2019 and is another friendly face you will be greeted by to assist you. Jessica is another member of our baking team helping to decorate and create the holiday cookies.

Debra Badolati

Front Receptionist/Nutritional Helper
Debra joined us in 2019 helping you find a catered diet for your pet. Debra will be helping you check in your pooch into our salon and answer any questions you may have.

Raz Rossignol

Front Receptionist
Raz joined us in 2019 and always has a huge smile and positive attitude everyday coming into work.

Lizzie Cunningham

Front Receptionist
Lizzie joined us in 2019 and is currently going to the university. She usually works in the evening for closing shifts.

Eleanor Paddick

Front Receptionist/Bakery
Eleanor joined us in 2019 and us currently studying at the university. She helps decorate the bakery items including cakes and cupcakes.


Professional Handler
Jeanne Started mentoring under professional handlers in 1989 after responding to an ad in the newspaper for kennel help. She started at Paw-radise at the end of 2018. She has worked for top terrier handlers and breeders during her training and gave her extensive knowledge that cant be found anywhere else.Jeanne has a range of experience from big corporations to owning her own salon in NYC. She has always had a passion for working dogs such as a Standard Schnauzer that was ranked top 10 in the USA. She then went and learned about terriers and she absolutely fell in love. She has since owned and showed Westies, Scotties, Norfolk, and other terrier breeds. She was the vice president to the West Highland White Terrier Club of Northern NJ. As of now she has a Brussels Griffon Corky, and is currently top ranked for Owner handled in the Country, and a beautiful Westie Named Buttercup. Jeanne constantly goes to dog shows, grooming shows, and seminars to keep up with the latest grooming trends, newest equipment, and products. Shes a wonderful Asset to the Paw-radise Family and brings years of knowledge to us. Favorite Breed: All Terriers, she’s a professional hand stripper for your terrier

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